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Foot Care Services in Nottinghamshire

A Tailored Service

Whether it’s a fungal nail treatment you need, or treatment for hard skin on your feet, why not give your feet the care it needs by booking from a range of services available. I provide mobile services which are perfect if you’re elderly and need the convenience of a treatment in your home. I aim to go above and beyond as customer satisfaction is a top priority. Book your examination today or get in touch for more information.

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Mobile Foot Care Services

Diabetic Toenail Clipping & Ingrowing Toenails

This service ensures your toenails are not at risk of ingrown nails and infections, with expert cutting methods.

Callus Removal

Hard skin can be troublesome on feet which can cause discomfort. The good news is this can be treated with a callus removal to transform your feet.

Corn Enucleation

Corns can be stubborn, but with corn enucleation the centre of the corn is removed which provides relief.

Fungal Nail Treatment & Athletes Foot Treatment

Badly infected nails and feet can be treated with care to prevent further infection, with expert aftercare advice.

Medical Foot Care

This service is personalised to treat a variety of problems with feet, and to give your feet the well-deserved treatment it needs.

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Extremely happy

Booked Nicky for 82 year old mother in law to sort in growing toe nail that was causing discomfort.
Nicky managed to fit in appointment at the end of her shift on the same day. Joan my mother in law was very happy with Nicky, she said Nicky was extremely polite and friendly and managed to sort the in growing toe nail that evening. Joan was that happy she has booked Nicky to come back for different service in six weeks.



I had a very painful corn and this lady sorted me out in no time and now I can go on my walks pain free thank you.


For Foot Care services Nottinghamshire, contact Sole Care by using the contact form below.

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